How do I start the Tao Motor 125 DB17 Manual Dirt Bike?

Tao Motor 125 DB17 Manual Dirt Bike

Welcome to the thrill-seekers' paradise! Today, we'll dive into the art of kick-starting the Tao Motor 125 DB17 Manual Dirt Bike ↗, a beast on wheels that's set to transform your off-road adventures for good. But first, let's unravel the charisma of this dirt bike.

Understanding the Tao Motor 125 DB17

The Tao Motor 125 DB17 ↗ is a manual dirt bike equipped with a four-speed (1-N-2-3-4) transmission, a kick start, and an air-cooled, 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, 125CC engine. It boasts a max speed of 37 MPH and a fuel capacity of 1.5 Gal. This hot item is not just a dirt bike; it's the ultimate off-road machine that delivers an unmatched riding experience.

Now, onto the main event: how to start this beauty.

Kick-Starting the Tao Motor 125 DB17: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Mount the Bike: Start by straddling the dirt bike, ensuring both feet are flat on the ground. Remember, safety first!

  2. Turn the Key: Insert the key in the ignition and turn it to the 'ON' position.

  3. Shift to Neutral: To find the neutral position, gently push the gear lever down from the top until it's in the 1st gear, then slightly push it up. When the green 'N' lights up on the dashboard, you're in neutral.

  4. Engage the Clutch: Pull in the clutch lever—the one on the left handlebar.

  5. Kick Start: Now, give the kick start lever (found on the right side of the bike) a firm downward push. You should hear the engine roar to life.

  6. Warm Up: Let the bike idle for a few minutes to warm up the engine. During this time, the choke may need to be engaged depending on the bike's temperature.

  7. Rev It Up: Slowly release the clutch while simultaneously rolling on the throttle. As the bike starts to move, you're good to go!

Remember, practice makes perfect. With time, this process will become second nature.

Ready to Ride?

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice, the Tao Motor 125 DB17 Manual Dirt Bike ↗ promises a thrilling ride like no other. With its powerful engine, robust build, and superior technology, it's the ultimate companion for all your off-road escapades.

Don't wait for the adventure to find you. Get yours now ↗ for the special price of $799.95 and hit the trail in style.